anxiety ans smartphone

Anxiety and Smartphone

To all my international health-conscious connection, this is my new eBook in English version.

Are you among those people who consider the Smartphone the first thing to reach for in the morning and the last to touch before go to bed?

Well, this is your call.

Download my eBook in 1-click on Amazon-Kindle (English version).

“Anxiety and Smartphone: The 7-Day Digital Diet Plan to take back your life”.

The 7-Day Digital Diet Plan encourages you to practically re-evaluate the current relationship you have with your Smartphone, by stimulating you to question if “do you use your Smartphone or does your Smartphone use you?”

After reading this eBook and practice the 7-Days Digital Diet Plan you will be more health-conscious, and you will be able to take under control your anxiety caused by an excessive use (abuse) of your Smartphone.

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